stop the oklahoma mafia now!

The State of Oklahoma is a criminal enterprise that extorts money from taxpayers and terrorizes its own citizens.

Think about it! We are centrally located; have an abundance of fresh water; we are number three in energy production; number five in cattle and wheat production, we have one of the largest aircraft maintenance facilities in the world and yet we rank at the very bottom in education and per capita income.

Oklahoma should have one of the highest standards of living in North America, so what's wrong with OUR State?

#1 Too many legislators making too much money. 48 senators 101 house members. See: Oklahoma Legislators Receive 35% Pay Raise

#2 STOP THE TURNPIKE MAFIA! - Turnpikes are the single greatest deterrent to economic development in Oklahoma, and where does all that money go?

#3 The Oklahoma Tax Commission - Billions of dollars are being siphoned from the Oklahoma budget because of so-called economic development tax credits that are being sold to politically connected rich people so they can avoid paying taxes. Visit for details.

#4 Too many counties, school districts and school superintendents.

#5 Too many Casinos sucking too much money from poor people.

#6 Too many ghost employees and political patronage jobs.

#7 Too many NO BID outside professional service contracts. (Consultants)

#8 Any government that taxes groceries and prescription drugs is EVIL!

#9 STOP THE INSURANCE MAFIA NOW! (See my letter to Attorney General Gentner Drummond)

The Honorable Gentner Drummond

Oklahoma Attorney General

313 N.E. 21st Street

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73105


January 27, 2023


Re: Exposing and Eliminating Organized Crime from the State of Oklahoma


Dear Attorney General Drummond,

My name is Tom Quinn and I am writing to you personally because organizations you oversee and support are involved in Racketeering and Organized Crime. The Oklahoma District Attorney’s Council, the Oklahoma Uninsured Vehicle Enforcement Diversion Program, elected officials, judges and local law enforcement have joined forces with a criminal enterprise (aka the Insurance Mafia) to steal billions of dollars each year from honest hardworking citizens all across America. I am referring to the mandatory vehicle insurance laws and the use of unmarked police cars, surveillance cameras, license plate scanners, e-ticketing and extortion letters sent to registered owners who may or may not drive the vehicles in question.


It should be noted that there is no such thing as an uninsured motorist because the operator of a vehicle is legally responsible regardless of whether he or she chooses to buy insurance or not. No one can drive more than one vehicle at a time and the fact that the State of Oklahoma passed a law MANDATING that all vehicles must be insured instead of the driver is proof the State of Oklahoma is more interested in supporting the Insurance Mafia than protecting the Citizens of Oklahoma. Insurance is a PROTECTION RACKET (that may or may not pay off) and when government gets involved it becomes and EXTORTION RACKET and when peace officers are transformed into Gangsters with Guns and Badges, it becomes ARMED ROBBERY.


I trust the Honorable Gentner Drummond is familiar with the RICO Act and will take action immediately. The courtesy of a written response to this letter is appreciated.




Tom Quinn

Take American Back Foundation

7419 South Jackson Avenue

Tulsa, Oklahoma 74132